Honey | Joël Tardieu

Honey | Joël Tardieu

Honey is a fascinating, unique product. Every hive is a world unto itself.
 A strong advocate of those unsung (if noisy) heroes known as bees, I am pleased to work and value the fruit of their precious labour.

I met Joël Tardieu at a market – one taste and I instantly fell in love. Encounters; common passions; the love and respect for nature; ever so precious products; meticulous work to sublimate their tastes without damaging their purity – it’s all amazing.

From cooking to baking, not forgetting a drop in a herbal tea or simply a cheeky spoonful, each honey will take you on a journey. There are a few bits of advice and ideas to bring out their best at any moment.

It is with pleasure and particular pride that I offer you a selection of Cantal honeys from Joël Tardieu. Made with passion and love, you’ll feel these two sensations from the first spoonful."

Joël Tardieu - Renaud Darmanin

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