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Lentil Flour | Farmer Variety


The blond lentil is a subtle and rare product, forgotten for around half a century. It was reintroduced in its region of origin, the Planèze district in the Cantal, by passionate individuals such as Job-Echalier.

With distinct aromas to discover or rediscover, the blond lentil of the Planèze is also 100 % gluten free, making it suitable for all types of diets.

Chef’s advice
Much lighter than standard flour, it is perfect for creating blinis to accompany trout ceviche prepared with yuzu.
You can also use it to make a unique crêpe or waffle batter. 

A 100 % gluten-free product and organically farmed, the blond lentils are first harvested by hand by Job-Echalier, then milled in an artisan manner using a stone grinder.

Available in 500 g packets.

We ensure that our all specialities are free of GMOs, allergens, additives and preservatives.

Rezentieres - Cantal
Gaec Job-Echalier
Deadline for optimal use
6 months
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