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Rye Flour | Farmer Variety



This traditionally cultivated rye flour contains little gluten. It can be used on its own or as a compliment when making all types of bread.
This rye is cultivated without any treatment by Job-Echalier on the high plateaux of the Planèze district in the Cantal region. Milled by a stone grinder at a rate of 10 kg per hour.

Chef’s advice

Heated with beurre noisette sauce, this traditionally cultivated rye flour will bring a delicate taste to a brown roux for thickening your sauces and stews.

Available in 500 g packets.

We ensure that our all specialities are free of GMOs, allergens, additives and preservatives.

Rezentieres - Cantal
Gaec Job-Echalier
Deadline for optimal use
6 months
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