Blond lentils | Farmer Variety

Blond lentils | Farmer Variety



The blond lentil of the Planèze is an old variety resulting from sustainable farming. It was lost for more than 50 years and was reintroduced into its region of origin by passionate individuals. It has become a vital addition to the farmers of the Planèze, particularly in Rezentières, who cultivate it with passion.

Chef’s advice

These blond lentils are perfect for creating an original and delicious hummus. Soak your lentils for an hour before cooking, then sauté them with some olive oil. Add some seasoning, and enjoy!

Available in 500 g packets.

We ensure that our all specialities are free of GMOs, allergens, additives and preservatives.

Rezentieres - Cantal
Gaec Job-Echalier
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